CactyCool-Dancing Cactus

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The only plant that parties

CactyCool is way different from the stingy cactuses you know! His smile, beat and dance moves are contagiously funny and are always entertaining to look at!

Even cactuses have hips and CactyCool knows how to shake them! When you turn him on you’ll hear the cheerful beats and enjoy some sick dancing moves from the podium!

CactyCool can teach the kids that you can’t dance without smiling and show you how contagious fun can be! Lively, cool and always ready to party, CactyCool is the perfect plant for your home!

Why CactyCool is for you

Crank up the party- Want to revive the gloomy atmosphere, introduce CactyCool to your friends and let him show you how to party!

Learn new moves- Every dance needs a beat, CactyCool has three cool songs that will get you shaking alongside him!

Keeps you smiling- Need someone to cheer you up, then let CactyCool take the stress away with some sick dancing moves!

CactyCool is the ultimate choice- Whether you are looking for someone to share a tequila with or entertainment for your kids CactyCool is the best company to have around!

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