Fort Mania-Fort Building Kit

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Become the architect of your playground

If you ever wanted to construct a skyscraper, rocket or a pyramid as a child, now you can! Fort Mania is a unique building set that gives your kids the power to construct anything from scratch!

Using the versatile sticks as beams and balls as connectors you can build anything from elaborate forts, spaceships or any pointed object. You create the playground around all the fun will be had!

Build, play, tore it down and repeat, Fort Mania never loses its ability to intrigue the minds of your kids! It is time to build your very first fort, cover it with a blanket and explore it from within!

Why Fort Mania is for you

The pinnacle of architecture- Unleash your creativity and you’ll be able to construct the most intricate structures and objects from scratch!

Create your kingdom- Claim the room for your own, construct your grand fort out of the 85 pieces and live out your days as a true king!

Reimagine your playground- Is the plain old playground getting too boring,, build an awesome structure to create the perfect atmosphere for adventures!

Fort Mania is the ultimate choice- Turn your creative ideas into solid buildings you can play with until another idea comes to mind!

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