Aquapaint-Kids Water coloring Book

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The most magical coloring set

Young kids love to paint but unfortunately, they often leave a mess that takes ages to clean! Aquapaint lets you stimulate their creativity without having to clean after them every time!



Aquapaint has its paintings hidden behind magical ink, coloring the pages with the water marker reveals the vivid images, and after a few minutes hides them from sight! 

You can paint away the pages again and again without worrying about the toxic crayons or messy aftermaths they leave behind! Make water your ink and you’ll never have to clean after your kids!




Why Aquapaint is for you

Discover new species- Learn all about the prehistoric dinosaurs and forgotten aquatic animals as you uncover them with your magic marker!

Paint without end- After a few minutes the paintings disappear so you can color them all over again as many times as you wish!

No messy aftermath- Say goodbye to the toxic crayons, paint with all the colors of the rainbow using only water from the tap!

Aquapaint is the ultimate choice- Give your children a clean painting experience they go into any time they want to get creative!



Best gift for kids 



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