Unipack- 4-In-1 Travel Utensil Kit

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The silverware for any true outdoorsmen

It’s hard to eat civilly in the outdoors without using your kitchen’s cutlery. Now you can level up your dining in the wild with our 4in1 cutlery set and never make a mess while eating.

Unipack fits in any pocket and packs a spoon, fork, knife and a bottle opener inside it. Every utensil is sturdy enough to serve you enough for years on your outdoor adventures.

Unipack brings the kitchen’s convenience to your outdoor tent, making mealtime in the wild an enjoyable experience. Every trip goes better after a civil meal at the campfire!

Why Unipack is for you

Every utensil you need- Unipack has all the cutlery you’ll need for an enjoyable outdoor meal. A spoon, fork, knife and a bottle opener all in one!

Like eating at home- Feel the convenience of eating in the wild with real utensils. No matter in which corner of the world you are in, mealtime can be civilized.

Kitchen’s quality- Made from stainless steel, Unipack’s utensils are just like the ones at home. After you are done just wash, fold and continue on your trip.

Unipack is the ultimate choice- Enjoy your next on-the-go meal with the convenience you get from the kitchen, Unipack has it all to make eating in the outdoors pleasant and mess-free.

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