TurboTorch-Portable Torch Lighter

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The only lighter you’ll ever need

Do you need a lighter that can beat the strong wind and heavy rain? TurboTorch brings the firepower you need to start fires under any condition and fits right into your free pockets.

Its powerful jet doesn’t get affected by the wind or rain, you can easily adjust the intensity to bring as much heat as you need, when it stops working you only need to refuel it to keep it going!

TurboTorch is not only elegant but incredibly sturdy, it’s the perfect choice when going out in the wilds. Take on the outdoors with a lighter you can always rely on!

Why TurboTorch is for you

Tame the flame- Fit the power of a jet engine right in your back pocket, give yourself the firepower you need when out in the outdoors!

Inextinguishable force- Can’t start a fire because of the wind or rain, easily light up anything using TurboTorch’s unstoppable flame!

Feel the heat- Take full control over the fire, adjust the intensity and length of the jet to start seamless fires from a distance!

TurboTorch is the ultimate choice- Stop struggling to light a fire, enjoy a more simple way of camping, cooking and engraving with your inextinguishable lighter!

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