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Make your dog’s safety a priority

BuddySeat lets your dog experience the road with a smile! Our comfy car seat creates a safe place where your dog can lie comfortably while you drive undisturbed!

BuddySeat is fully adjustable according to the seat and has ample space to fit bigger breeds! Once you strap it to the car seat you can rest assured your dog will be as safe as you!

Instead of leaving your buddy to chew and scratch through the seats, you can keep your interior clean and intact so you'll have nothing to worry about while traveling with your buddy!

Why BuddySeat is for you

Stress-free driving- Create a safe spot for your cute passengers where they can comfortably reside while you drive in peace!

Buckle up your buddy- Don't leave your baby unbuckled in the car, strap them inside BuddySeat to ensure their safety on the road!

Dog-proof your interior- With their seat installed, you needn’t have to worry about your dog making tears in the seats or leaving hairs everywhere!

BuddySeat is the ultimate choice- Help your dog stay comfy, safe and accommodated on the road with a seat just for them!

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