Haulpow-Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

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The ultimate collar for creating an obedient dog

Haulpow is a training collar packed with every function you need to teach your dog tricks and appropriate behavior. No matter how unruly your pet is Haulpow can tame its excessive habits!

By using the remote control, the collar can shock, vibrate, or beep to teach your dog right from wrong. Every function’s intensity can be adjusted to deliver the right amount of stimulation.

Haulpow is a trainer’s best friend, one remote can command 3 collars at once at half a mile signal coverage! For the night walks we’ve put a LED light that ensures you won’t lose sight of your dog.

Our collar has everything you need to train a well-mannered dog! Haulpow has only one mission, make your pet the best companion a human can hope for!

Why Haulpow is for you

Tame any disobedience- Using the collar you can stimulate when it behaves well and punish it when it’s being bad. Your dog will learn manners in no time!

Corrects all breeds- Using the many training modes easily train breeds and adjust the shock and vibration power suitable for the dog’s size.

Packed up with extras- Haulpow is packed with useful features like a LED light, 15-day battery and half a mile remote range. It’s the best of its kind!

Haulpow is the ultimate choice- Teaching your dog manners can be easier than you think! Haulpow end all misbehaving once and for all!

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