Fishing Umbrella Rig

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Take on the biggest game with ease

Unique details that make a big difference in your fishing experience.

This new lure combines an old-school swimbait with a bass-attracting action for a consistent way to reel in bigger fish and smaller predators in the water!

This umbrella rig is perfect for fishing in shallow and deeper waters, because of the variety of baits you can use.

For example, you can raise the bottom ring up and lower the top ring down, so that the bait moves closer to the bottom. In addition, with a variety of baits, you can attract different fish species at one time.

With five different lures and five different shiny objects to catch their attention, this product is undeniably eye-catching!

If you're in search of a versatile solution for fishing, Hunter's Fishing Umbrella Rig is just what you need.


Why this  Fishing Umbrella Ring is for you

Hook ’em all at once- When you pick a good spot and the bass sees a pack of small fish you can expect to hook a couple of them at once!

Irresistible bait- The bigger fish need a big enough bait to catch their interest, lure them with a snack they won’t be able to resist!
Reel every type in If the water holds a variety of games, diversify your bait to hunt for all your preferred types at the same time!

Fishing Umbrella Rig is the ultimate choice- Double your chances of catching the next big fish with your own little pack of irresistible lures!

Wait no more and go check out this amazing fishing Ring to purchase one currently!


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