BeeBottle-Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder

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Breastfeeding can be easier than you think

Are you tired of holding the bottle all day? If so, the BeeBottle holds your baby in an optimal nursing position without needing anything from you to make each moment with your baby enjoyable!

Even a more traditional Dad can hold the bottle right on the breast, creating a comfortable feeding position that you can use at any time.

You can easily rotate the bottle’s position until you find your sweet spot and let your toddlers feed themselves just like from the breast.

Why BeeBottle is for you

Relieve your spouse- Whether you're a partner or a parent, the natural breastfeeding experience is something that can help you understand what motherhood feels like.

Hands-free nursing- Feeding your toddler can get tiresome, let BeeBottle nurse your baby in a healthy position while you rest your hands! BeeBottle is specially designed to help you nurse a baby in a more ergonomic and healthy way.

Support your posture- Say goodbye to the backache that comes with breastfeeding, easily find a comfortable position for you and your baby.

BeeBottle is the ultimate choice- For nursing mothers, having a convenient, comfortable, and hygienic way to nurse their baby is important. Make feeding time convenient for you and pleasant for your baby, enjoy a simpler way of nursing!

No more pains-- and no more worries, with the BeeBottle. Click "Add to Cart" now!


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