BoneBuck-Self Defense Bracelet

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The ultimate self-defense tool

When your life or belongings are in danger it’s always best to be prepared for a fight!

BoneBuck is the perfect weapon in disguise, it’s a bracelet, a whip and a set of brass knuckles!

The steel chains are fused to make BoneBuck indestructible, you can break a brick or someone’s bones from a distance or up close with your fists so you can pacify any threat!

When it’s not defending you, BoneBuck makes for a stylish bracelet you can easily carry around your wrist and rely on its menacing look to show everyone you are not to be messed with!

Why BoneBuck is for you

Punch like a dragon- Protect yourself from the dangerous streets, wrap the chains around your knuckles to punch with all the power you need!

Strike from a distance- You don’t need to go toe to toe with every attacker, strike hard from a distance using BoneBuck as a whip!

Ready for a fight- If you don’t need it at the moment just wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a stylish bracelet!

Why BoneBuck is for you- Keep the dangers around you at bay, go out prepared to deal with anyone who threatens you!

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