Chainblade-Portable Pocket Chainsaw

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A chainsaw for your pocket

Chainblade is the best tool for the outdoorsman’s arsenal! Fit it in your pocket and you’ll be able to go through any wooden obstacle in front of you easily, quickly and manly!

Put it around the target and the steel teeth will cut it clean as you move your hands. Making firewood, building shelters, and removing obstacles becomes a breeze!

Cutting a branch or bringing down a tree doesn’t require you to own a chainsaw. You are always prepared to thrive in the outdoors with Chainblade at your side!

Why Chainblade is for you

Turns branches into butter- The razor-sharp teeth cut through thick wood like butter. With simple hand movements, you can bring down a tree!

No need for a lumberjack- When there is something in the way of the view or sidewalk cut it quickly without ladders or heavy equipment!

Thrive in the outdoors- Be ready to tackle any problem you come across when hiking and camping to survive with ease in the outdoors!

Chainblade is the ultimate choice- Be ready to cut through any problem in your back yard or in the woods! Expand your survival capabilities tenfold by bringing Chainblade with you!

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