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The fiercest dinosaur known to mankind

DinoDoom has come to conquer the world once more! Evolved into the fiercest predator, our dinosaur is the coolest interactive action toy you’ll find on this planet!

DinoDoom can chase his prey and scare his enemies with loud roars. Control his every action using the remote and conquer the playground with your mighty companion!

You can press the automatic feature and watch him go on a rampage on his own. Bring your kids a real Jurassic adventure they can relive every time they play!

Why DinoDoom is for you

A prehistoric adventure- Go back to when dinosaurs ruled the world and begin your Jurassic adventure with the mightiest dinosaur from that time!

Take over the playground- The world is yours to conquer, use the remote to command your dinosaur’s every move!

Unleash the beast- Let your companion run loose, in a push of a button DinoDoom will start rampaging around on his own!

DinoDoom is the ultimate choice- Show your love with a toy your boy will never get bored of playing, create your prehistoric adventure with DinoDoom! 

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