FreshJet-Portable Juicing Blender

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Juice up at any time you wish

FreshJet gives you what your old blender couldn’t, an easy way to recharge with a quick smoothie from anywhere! It’s a bottle, blender and energy booster all in one portable device!

You don’t need to be at home to enjoy your custom shakes, with one click FreshJet turns the nuts and fruits into a yummy drink so you can juice up from anywhere at any time!

The bottom detaches for easy cleanup while the 350ml capacity gives you an optimal dose of refreshment! Ditch your old blender for a portable juicer you can bring anywhere!

Why FreshJet is for you

Juices on the go- Can’t want to blend your fruits into a shake at home, put them in FreshJet to make an instant shake from anywhere!

Recharge your batteries- Take a quick break to recharge with a daily dose of vitamins to give yourself the boost you need!

Instant refreshments- Ditch your heavy blender for a portable lightweight juicer that can give you an instant refreshment at any time!

FreshJet is the ultimate choice- Enjoy a refreshing drink right from the blend at any time with your portable juicer!

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