Grenpin-Self-Adhesive Leaf Clips

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Help your plants spread around your home

When your plant grows out of the pot they often start taking unexpected spaces in your home. Grenpin helps your plants grow vertically to spread a lively vibe across your walls!

Once you stick them to the wall, the adjustable pins hug the vines to give them the support they need to grow along your walls without falling, breaking off or creating a mess!

With our simple clippers, you can not easily guide your plant’s growth but also completely transform the atmosphere to make the bland interior look like a lush greenhouse!

Why Grenpin is for you

Spread the greenery- Create a lush scenery all around your walls with ease, use the pins to guide the vines across your vertical interior!

Help your plants flourish- Let your plants spread through your room, help them grow alongside your walls without letting them fall or break!

A total ambiance changer- Spread the vines along your walls and watch how your gloomy home turns into a lively greenhouse.

Grenpin is the ultimate choice- Transform your home by turning the bland walls into vertical gardens with just a few clips and pins!

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