HomeBright-Outdoor Garden Solar Pathway Lights

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Bright up the garden with these sparkling lights

These LED lights create the perfect scenery. Powerful and long-lasting, they complement any garden perfectly.

The solar batteries can power them through the whole night. The wires are super flexible, allowing you to design the way Starburst looks at all time.

You can rely on them to work under any weather conditions. HomeBright is for anyone looking to bring a unique look to their garden at night.

What makes HomeBright so good

Infinite energy- As long as there is a sun HomeBright will shine brightly. The solar batteries last for the whole night.

Create your own décor- Twist the flexible wires to shape stunning images. You create the scenery around the garden.

Light up the vicinity- The powerful LED lights complement their surroundings beautifully. Everything around them brights up neatly.

Why HomeBright is you for- You won’t find more practical or powerful decorative lights. No matter the weather Starburst sparkle beautifully.

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