Hypeswitch-Bluetooth Gaming Controller

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The way gaming is supposed to be experienced

Hypeswitch gives you the compact convenience of the joystick and the comfortable versatility of the keyboard into a controller compatible with every gaming platform there is!

You don’t need a big keyboard to go pro, Hypeswitch gives you unrivaled control on the battlefield, using the programmable hotkeys you can simulate the PC experience on all your consoles!

You can sit down for hours and not feel any fatigue thanks to the ergonomic handle and responsive keys. Upgrade your gaming experience on all your devices to the next level!

Why Hypeswitch is for you

Join the master race- Simulate the PC experience through your consoles, play using all essential keys you need to dominate the match!

Take full control- Bind your hotkeys and macros to the abundant keys to take full control over your character using only one hand!

Never stop your streak-  Rest your wrist on the ergonomic handle and you'll never feel the fatigue from your gaming marathons!

Hypeswitch is the ultimate choice- Enjoy a superior way of gaming on all your devices, taking full control now requires just one hand!

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