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Light up your garden in minutes

The unlit walkways and gardens not only look gloomy but become a hazard when moving through them at night. You can fix your lighting problem without spending a paycheck on it!

LeviLight bring smooth LED lighting to any place you wish. All you need to do is flip a switch and stake them on the ground, they’ll turn on by themselves and maintain their power from the sun!

Without any hassle, you can brighten up all your home’s surroundings with as much vivid lighting as you want! Let the sun take care of the electric bill as you enjoy your garden’s new look!

Why LeviLight is for you

Refresh your atmosphere- Don’t let your home be the eyesore of the neighborhood, create an inviting atmosphere all around your front porch!

Instant illumination- What to light a path in the walkway or highlight your garden, just stake LeviLight around to brighten up your surroundings in mere minutes!

Automatic lighting- Don’t bother yourself with changing batteries or pushing buttons, LeviLight get all their power from the sun and turn on as soon as the sun sets!

LeviLight is the ultimate choice- Bring a new vivid look to your gloomy garden, enjoy a more refined nightly aesthetic that is effortless to set up!

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