MagiMarker-Silver Mirror Marker

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Give your words a glow

There are a lot of glossy markers out there but none can make your art stand out like MagiMarker! Drawing with it is simple, smooth and always brings the best out of your creations!

It works well not only for giving your items a chrome look but also for your creative calligraphy needs! No surface is too rough or polished for MagiMarker to make its mark on it!

Whether you want to personalize a gift, refurnish metal or simply get creative with your art the best way to make your creations glow is with our permanent silver maker!

Why MagiMarker is for you

Make the mundane magical- Make your simple everyday items stand out with a glow, add a shining silver touch to anything you want!

Chromatize the world- Give your drawings an everlasting reflective chromium look that never fades nor fails to impress!

Personify your art- Help your art pieces stand out in all the best ways, finish your metal models or calligraphy creations with a special glossy look!

MagiMarker is the ultimate choice- Charge your creations with a silver glossy look that will never fade away and always stand out from the mundane!

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