MoonRoot-Tree Of Life Necklace

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A special pendant for the spiritual enthusiasts

Bring a more positive attitude to your life with a spiritual symbol of power! Made with care and charged with love our beautiful lifegem pendants give you a piece of the infinite.

Full of depth, details and intrinsic colors, our gems symbolize the eternal life in the universe and bring a soul healing experience to the ones who are ready to open their third eye.

Each one of our stones holds a different meaning and benefit of wearing so you needn’t stop at one. Gift one to your spiritual friends to enhance their path in life!

Why MoonRoot is for you

Charge your chakras- Enchant your life with love, positivity and longevity with a pendant charged with spiritual energy!

Transcending beauty- Made from only the most exquisite gemstones, MoonRoot comes in all your favorite colors to suit every completion!

Protect your spirit- Symbolizing the fluorescent power of the moon, MoonRoot’s energy field gives peace to everyone who wears it!

MoonRoot is the ultimate choice- Cleanse your soul of low energies and experience life’s journey as it’s meant to be!

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