Multikey-Multi-Functional Key Tool

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The tool that can do it all

Multikey is a daily tool with unrivaled versatility! It fits 24 functions while keeping a size no bigger than your key. You can find a use for it anywhere and in any situation!

It may look small but it’s incredibly sturdy, you can rely on it to help you with the handiwork and keep you accommodated and prepared when traveling through the wilds!

From a bottle opener to a bit driver, Multikey holds a solution to every problem you’ll encounter at home, at work or in the outdoors, strap one to your keychain and you’ll be prepared for anything!

Why Multikey is for you

Free your pockets- No need to cramp your pockets with useless gadgets, Multikey gives you a solution for every daily problem you’ll encounter!

Prepared for anything- Stay ready to tackle every challenge on your outdoor adventures, Multikey’s 24 functions can take care of anything!

Endless versatility- Don’t let its size fool you, Multikey is built for every job to give you maximum convenience in your life!

Multikey is the ultimate choice- One key-sized tool is all you’ll ever need to take care of the everyday or emergency problems you stumble upon!

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