MultiLight-6-In-1 Outdoor Fan

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The only gadget an outdoorsman needs

MultiLight is the light source everyone needs around! It’s powerful, easy to set up anywhere and inexhaustible, the perfect company for an outdoor adventure in the dark!

MultiLight can be charged in one of three convenient ways to keep going no matter what! You can hang it for an instant lamp above the tent, porch or anywhere you decide when camping at night!

When it gets too hot, MultiLight's fan brings down the temperature to a nice cool level so you can enjoy every moment of your outdoor ventures and breaks in the summer!

Why MultiLight is for you

A lamp for everywhere- Whenever you need a dependable light source MultiLight can keep your surroundings bright for hours!

Keep yourself breezy- Keep your cool all summer long, refresh the room’s temperature or cool off your body at any time with the powerful fan!

Inexhaustible runtime- Ensure the lights will never go off, easily charge up the batteries in one of three convenient ways!

MultiLight is the ultimate choice- Enjoy your outdoor adventures with a lantern in hand that will never leave you unaccommodated!

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