Nannypaw-Adjustable Breastfeeding Pillow

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Enjoy a comfortable way of breastfeeding 

Make the most intimate moments with your baby enjoyable for both sides! Our nursing pillow can help you breastfeed comfortably no matter the place or position you use!

Thanks to its layering design on both sides, you can easily switch between positions and enjoy an optimal way of breastfeeding as your baby becomes bigger and heavier!

Without having to bend your back you can bring your child closer to make every breastfeeding session a breeze! Choose a better way of nursing so you never dread breastfeeding again!

Why Nannypaw is for you

Uplifting comfort- You don’t need to hurt your back every time you breastfeed, elevate your baby as much as you need to feel comfortable in the process!

Breastfeed in peace- Unlike other pillows, Nannypaw can be easily adjusted to help you feed in different positions until your baby is ready for the bottle!

Enjoy the moment- Don’t let awkward positioning ruin your precious moment with your child, enjoy each second of your nursing experience!

Nannypaw is the ultimate choice- With Nannypaw’s support, you can comfortably breastfeed anywhere in any position until your baby outgrows your breasts!

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