Nutout-Metal Nut Splitter

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The nut extractor every toolbox needs

There is nothing worse than a rusty nut that’s stuck to the bolt! Instead of tiring yourself with a wrench or cutting the bolt, you can now easily remove defective nuts in seconds!

Nutout can save you hours of painful extractions, our kit can help you split nuts of all sizes in seconds! All you need to do is place the cutter on the nut and rotate until it splits in two!

The stubborn nuts that need extraction will no longer cause you nightmares but just minor inconveniences! Rid yourself of the pesky nuts at no expense of your energy or time!

Why Nutout is for you

Seamless operations- Having a hard time with a rusty nut, split it in half and change it with a new one that won’t be tough to move!

Safe extractions- Using too much force can easily damage the bolt, Nutout puts pressure only on the nut to keep the bolt’s integrity intact! 

Splits in seconds- You don’t need hands of steel to break through the nuts, just give Nutout a few rotations and it will split the nut in half!

Nutout is the ultimate choice- Armed with Nutout nothing will get in your way when you want to disassemble old nuts in rusty places!

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