Pinecut-DIY Cookie Molds

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Give your cookies a traditional flavor

Bring out the full flavor of your cookies with our magical molders! Pinecut lets you create the yummiest-looking cookies in abundant shapes and sizes from scratch! 

Our sturdy wooden molders make food artistry a treat not only for your stomach but for your baking passion too! All our molders come in distinct shapes, perfect for special occasions!

Greet the holidays with your family and a batch of the finest-looking treats you’ve ever seen and tasted! Bring some artistry to the kitchen with our pristine choice of molders!

Why Pinecut is for you

Effortless artistry- Who said food art should be hard, decorate your cookies with exquisite floral details in just a few simple steps!

Stimulate your senses- Don’t bake the same old cookies for the holidays, treat your family to a wonderful sugary surprise!

Master the desserts- With a little stamping you can turn the plain dough into awesome yummy figures that will melt into your mouth!

Pinecut is the ultimate choice- Give your cookies a traditional look and a yummier taste with the perfect cookie cutters for the holidays!

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