Poctsuki-Multi-Functional Pencil Case

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This pencil case changes the game

Our friends from Japan have designed a pencil case you’ll fall in love with! Not only does Poctsuki have the cutest look, it serves many neat practical uses that make life easier.

Poctsuki is durable, stretchy and soft, what’s more, it unfolds by half to reveal all the items inside. It stands on its own when stationery allowing you to take what’s needed without digging inside.

You have many fun designs to choose from for yourself or someone you think will need this in their life. Pick the Japanese ingenuity over the rest and enjoy the practical way!

Why Poctsuki is for you

Japanese creativity- Cute and practical, you can tell it’s from Japan! Poctsuki styles you perfectly while keeping all your essentials neatly packed.

No more pencil digging- Poctsuki unfolds when stationery to reveal all the things inside. You’ll never have to dive in to find the right pencil!

Small but special- Choose from the many patters and gift it to someone who needs it. There is nothing better than a heartwarming gift that holds practical value.

Poctsuki is the ultimate choice- The best pencil case comes from Japan and brings a neat innovative style you’ll love to use or gift a friend.

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