SliceSqueeze - Acrylic Lemon Squeezer

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Douse Your Food With Lemony Goodness!

No need to worry about messy juice extract and stubborn lemon seeds getting in the way. SliceSqueeze is designed for your lemon squeezing convenience and posh lifestyle.

This bird-shaped lemon juicer is simple yet gets the job done. Impress your friends with SliceSqueeze each time you have afternoon tea, cocktails and steak nights.

Key Benefits

Luxurious Design - The unique design of the SliceSqueeze gives it that rich and luxurious vibe. SliceSqueeze is a more sophisticated way to efficiently squeeze lemons.

Convenient Use - Simply press down on the lid and tilt to pour out lemon extract from the beak. SliceSqueeze makes lemon squeezing mess-free and extremely reliable.

Easy to Clean - SliceSqueeze lemon juicer is easy to clean within seconds. Rinse the squeezer with running water and wipe dry.

Eco-friendly Material - The acrylic material of SliceSqueeze is not only recyclable, it is also aesthetically pleasing. This is made with high-quality material that’s reusable and easy to maintain.

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