SpringShef-Stainless Steel Fishing Bracket

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The perfect fishing partner

SpringShef is an advantage every fisherman needs to have! Our spring holder can do the fishing for you to take your mind off the rod so let you relax and enjoy your time in nature!

Any rod is a good fit for it, you can adjust the sensitivity to hook in both small and big game. Without needing help from you, SpringShef pulls immediately to catch every bite! 

SpringShef fishes like a pro, it triggers only when the fish hits the hook to avoid misfires. Once you set it up by the shore you can lay back and rest until the next catch comes!

Why SpringShef is for you

Automatic finishing- Tired of waiting all day just for a few bites, let Springshif do the fishing while you lay back and enjoy the scenery!

Catch them all- Don’t let any more catches slip away, Springshif knows exactly when to pull to guarantee a certain catch!

Fill your fridge- You don’t need to master the rod to empty the lake, come back home full of game even if you are just a beginner!

SpringShef is the ultimate choice- Ease off from the tedious part of fishing to enjoy the fresh air, fun company and relaxing atmosphere without ever missing a bite!

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