Ticktool-Multi-Functional Mini Tool

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Put the toolbox on your wrist

The daily problems and inconveniences often require help from a tool and Ticktool has all of them packed into a multifunctional bracelet you can comfortably carry on your wrist!

Ticktool is made of 29 practical pieces, ranging from box wrenches, hex wrenches, hex drives and other handy tools all clipped together into a cool looking bracelet you can wear.

When something needs fixing you’ll be prepared to take care of it without going for the toolbox! When wearing Ticktool all the tools are a reach way, it’s the only jewel a man needs!

Why Ticktool is for you

Fits like a bracelet- Ticktool is fully adjustable to sit on your wrist comfortably. It’s not only practical, it’s a man’s jewel!

Every function there is- From box wrenches to cutting hooks and socket drives, every piece is a handy tool that may prove useful whatever you do!

Leave the heavy tools at home- You don’t need to take the toolbox to solve the everyday problems. Just put on Ticktool and you’ll be prepared!

Ticktool is the ultimate choice- When wearing Ticktool you carry 29 useful tools alongside you! No toolbox is needed to carry them all, just an open wrist!

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