Voltmark- Digital Sensing Electroscope

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Testing voltage has never been this easy

Voltmark is an exceptional tool every household should have. It detects and measures voltage through any surface without the need for contact.

Just put it close to the circuit and it will measure its voltage by beeping and flashing. Voltmark detects power fields through any surface with supreme precision.

The next time you are looking for a breakpoint in the circuits you’ll find it within seconds! Voltmark is the perfect voltage tester every DIYer needs to have.

Why Voltmark is for you

Noting can obstruct it- Voltmark picks up the voltage even through thick layers of isolation and drywall. Nothing gets past it!

Perfect voltage measurement- Voltmark beeps louder when the voltage becomes higher. It’s ultra-sensitive and always accurate!

Easy breakpoint finding- The LED light on the tip spots flashing when it detects a breakpoint. Finding the circuit problem has never been easier.

Voltmark is the ultimate choice- With this pen, you can detect the voltage frequency with flawless precision without exposing yourself to the dangerous circuits.

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