WallGreen-Wall Mounted Garden Planters(49 pockets)

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Start gardening without a garden

Ever wanted to start a garden but without all the hassle? With our vertical planters, you can fulfill your green dreams and grow as many plants as you wish from your home!

WallGreen mounts to the walls to open up countless gardening possibilities without taking away any free space. On top of all, the view it creates resembles the beauty of a greenhouse!

Gardening becomes simple when you use WallGreen, you just need a seed and some dirt to cultivate your plants inside the pockets. Spread nature to every corner of your home!

Why WallGreen is for you

Spaceless gardening- Now you don’t need a garden to fill your home with plants, grow your favorite flora without taking away the free space in your home!

Spread the greenery- Enjoy an innovative way of gardening, mount WallGreen to your walls to grow as many plants as you wish!

Life with nature- Create your personal greenhouse, spread the vegetation all around your surroundings and bask in nature’s beauty!

Why WallGreen is for you- Start growing your plants in a more convenient way, enjoy a simple, spaceless and practical way of gardening!

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