Zoomex-Smartphone Stabilizer Kit

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Your personal camera studio

Zoomex is more than a selfie stick, it takes care of all your filming needs while fitting in your pocket! The perfect shot, vlog or recording is now one button away from you!

Zoomex gives you a stable way of making selfies from an extended angle, smooth recordings on its tripod and seamless switches between landscape and portrait mode!

The Bluetooth connection gives you instant control over your camera and makes solo shoots super easy! Go pro with just your phone and a smart stick that can do anything!

Why Zoomex is for you

Stay in the frame- Never be in the background, Zoomex’s smooth tracking technology keeps the camera always focused on you!

Build a following- Turn your life into a movie, make your vlogging adventures effortless to film under any condition!

Reach new heights- Extend your reach and easily switch between photo modes to create professional shots from any angle!

Pocket-sized studio- Forget heavy tripod for filming equipment, just set up Zoomex in a stable position and start recording!

Zoomex is the ultimate choice- Enjoy the professionalism of a filming studio from the palm of your hand, create the smoothest content with our smart stick!

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